Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Birthday Nights

So it was a friends birthday, and she arranged a nice little evening spent in LA doing what people in LA should be doing, attending movie screenings at the Egyptian with Director attended Q&A, wine, and eating two meals.

After getting lost, and eating a fantastic meal of Scooby's hot dogs, Mexican Coke (in the bottle) and french fries that were a real potato just minutes before we ate them, we entered the theater to watch George Washington, the first film by David Gordon Green, who would next go on to make All The Real Girls (one of the most heart-wrenchingly beautiful movies ever made). This film had all the atmosphere of his later works, and it was great to see his style of film-making evolve. Watching this movie I was struck with how important and relevant film is to my life. It expresses and connects feelings I experience that I cannot begin to describe, but when I see images on that screen, I find I don't need to convey ideas with words. 

The director Q&A at the end went from cute to awkward to dull to tolerable, but I had left the theater by the time the tolerable portion rolled around. After this we capped off our night at Canters with food that was wholly unnecessary. I find the time so rarely these days when I can go out and have a night to spend with friends, it was another reminder of the import things in life. That's two in one day, friends and movies, and especially friends who "get" the things that are important to you, which brings me to my next topic that will be covered another day, discerning taste. Please tune in for that little nugget.

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