Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beef Dip Win

Sometimes I get confused when I look in the fridge and I can't understand what sort of a whole I can make of the parts inside. Tonight, no confusion.

Trader Joes Nitrate Free Roast Beef
Leftover Hamburger Buns
1/4 cup of chicken stock
Block of Cheddar
(look in the freezer)
French Fries


I put oil in the cast iron, got the fries going. The buns got buttered and thrown into the non-stick, and the stainless steel received the slices of beef. I heated up the beef slice by slice, and set it in a bowl. I deglazed the beef bits in the bottom of the pan with some bourbon, chicken stock and whisked briskly. To the Au Jus I added some freshly ground black pepper and a little bit of Worcestershire Sauce and then poured that over the beef in the bowl, and stuck it in the oven.

I fished the fries out of the oil, grabbed the toasted buns and sliced some of the cheddar.

The assembled product was delicious, if not dangerously unhealthy when washed down with a bottle of Mexican Coke.

Monday, February 16, 2009

How do we achieve balance?

Today I got an email from the AFA (American Family Association, which I have no idea how I wound up on their mailing list) that was about the "Silencing" of Christians in America, politically and socially. It's odd how this comes at a time when Christians seem to have an overwhelming amount of political and social power in America, with it being reported this week that only 4 out of every 10 Americans accept the Theory of Evolution, and with the creation and flourishing business done by the Creationism Museum in Kentucky. But let's assume that this phenomenon is as they say it is, that Christians are being silenced, and their interests are not being represented. My intial response is GREAT! I think that it is ridiculous that Christians would be crying foul after having this country cater to their political and religious whims for over 200 years, but still this is going to be latched onto for what it mist certainly is, a politicized martyrdom. It's an extension of the Conservatives crying out about the "liberal" media (I dare you to find a corporate mainstream news channel that has a liberal bias), now it is going to be the Christians, who are still dictating through legal means who can and cannot get married, what women can do as far as access to health care in regards to their reproductive systems, which drugs that have been cleared by the FDA can be sold through pharmacies, etc etc etc, these are the people who are now crying that they aren't beng heard. It's absolute bullshit, but it's going to work. Christians are more organized than Atheist Americans, and they are fully versed in the tactics and practices of making a large stink. Now we are going to see this trickle down to every church in America beginning to work in the message of thier silencing into sermons. Public Consciousness is going have this notion that Christians have no power, are being discriminated against, when in reality Christians have all the power, and are using it to discriminate against others. So where does the notion of balance come in? It comes in like this, if I had a magic wand, or maybe a prayer that really worked, I would use it to just wish away the power that Christians hold in America, but the only ways in which this can actually be achieved, through legal processes based on common sense, are going to be met with harsher and harsher cries of martyrdom, just making the Christians power stronger. So much for balance, cause the Christians are going to win as long as they play up the idea of the American Dream, where no one has to be self-aware, and as long as you buy into it, you fuel the problem. Way to go for being ignorant America.