Saturday, August 9, 2008

You know, just another Saturday night...

after a ten hour day of helping my brother clean out the parents garage in near one hundred degree heat, I left to head home as the sun sunk just below the horizon.

Exhausted, near delirious, I sought the only thing I could think of to pump life back into my veins...

Electric Light Orchestra.

Starting with the Xanadu soundtrack and ending up as I pulled into my garage in Long Beach with "Don't Bring Me Down", I transversed the road with my windows down, fist pumping out the window and the volume as high as I can get with me singing along as loud as I can. I think about what a spectacle I must be, and am only saved the sensation of embarrassment by the thought of myself walking down the street in my city and seeing some dude with a beard screaming along to ELO as he drives down 4th Street, pumping his fist in the air.

I walk through the door, feeling nearly human again and I shuck off my clothes, run a beer, pour a bath, and throw on what is without a doubt my favorite album of all time: "Souvenirs" by Dan Fogelberg. Quite a departure from the glossy showmanship of Jeff Lynne, this album provides the exact complimentary mood for taking a bath by candlelight. I sang along to the whole album while the kitten took turns sniffing the candle on the side of tub and pawing the path water up to her kitten elbow.

I thought that I had lost some of who I was capable of being while separated from my life in Europe, but apparently I am still entirely capable of being awesome.

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